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**NOS/New Old Stock Information - Please Read**

Please keep in mind that while these are NOS parts manufactured by or for Ford, there may be something that is unforeseen in quality or present due to storage, such as discoloration, shelf and box rubs, light scuffing, residues, etc. Most of these parts have been sitting on a dealership shelf and are between 20 and 80 years old. If a part is missing, or needs some attention due to chrome spotting, shelf grime, or surface rust, I will note it. These items are often one of a kind and obsolete from Ford. As such, all items are sold as is. The buyer will have to rely on either shop experience, knowledge of their car or truck, and a visual comparison with the photo(s) in conjunction with what I have described, to make a determination as to exact fit or application as it pertains to their vehicle.

NOS, or new old stock does not mean the part is mint or even perfect! Ford Motor Company has always been in the business of building mass produced vehicles and parts, NOT show cars. When we describe something as being NOS that means it is new and has never been installed on a car. Any out of the normal flaws are mentioned and most times even pictured in the description so there should be no surprises, check our feedback. We try our best to accurately describe the parts we sell but we can and do make mistakes just like everyone else. If you have ANY doubts about the condition or application of the item being sold then please ask questions before purchasing.


Due to the age of many of these NOS electrical and mechanical parts which have been on dealership shelves for 40-70 years I cannot guarantee any electrical or mechanical parts such as switches, radios, plug wires, fuel pumps, fuel sending units, gauges, brake boosters, etc. I do guarantee them to be NOS or as otherwise described in my auction. Thank you for reading this and for your understanding.

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