Remembering Mort Burton 1936 - 2012

 The article on the left is from the September, Early Ford V8 Foundation Newsletter  - September 2012
The article on the right is from V8 Times Magazine, Sept-Oct 2012

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Remembering Mort ….

“He freely gave me many lessons in the ‘Mort Burton College of V-8 Fordology,’ which helped me in restoring my cars correctly and taught me the differences between ‘Ford Facts’ and ‘Ford Myths.’ ”– Jim Edison, Indiana

Mort Burton of Vandalia, Ohio was an antique car enthusiast and V-8er – known worldwide for his knowledge of 1932-1970 Fords. Owner of Burton Antique Auto Parts and the sales brain behind B&B Reproductions, Mort was a “fixture” at Hershey, holding court with the many friends from across the country who sought him out for his knowledge and friendship. In addition to being a member of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America, Mort was also a Life Member of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. Here are some remembrances from the “Friends of Mort.” “He was like so many fine people who really learned a subject of interest well and he obviously loved to share with fellow V-8ers, thus providing a vital link to the historic values of our famous vehicles. This is a trait that I believe is the very essence of being a true American.” - Rich Miller, California
“Mort was seldom, if ever stumped when it came to identifying early Ford V-8 parts. However, Mort was much more than a parts identifier; he was the ultimate early Ford V-8 enthusiast. I first met Mort more than 25 years ago at the Annual AACA Hershey swap meet in Pennsylvania. First time I saw Mort, he was in the middle of a group of V-8 guys where he was conducting court, as usual. Some pretty prominent V-8ers were listening intently as Mort was explaining the correct operation and installation of an early FordV-8 part. When Mort said something or explained something there was never any hesitation in his voice or any hint that he was guessing; he was confident to the point where few would ever question his V- 8 wisdom. His voice would resonate to the level where he could be heard before he was seen. At first I thought, is he really that knowledgeable? It didn't take long before I realized he was the V-8 messiah. I thought I knew a little something about early Ford V-8s, but after listening to Mort over the years I realized how little I knew and how little I know now. There was always a contingent of V-8 guys who would just show up at Mort's tent and just resume the V-8 talk where they had left off the year before. Of course he always had an exciting inventory of genuine, new old stock Ford parts that he'd bring each year which represented just a small fraction of those he had at his home outside of Dayton, Ohio. We would go out scrounging for that ultimate V-8 Ford goodie and return to Mort's space after a couple of hours and then kind of on the QT seek his opinion on a special item that we had found. On more than one occasion some of my goodies didn't pass muster, as Mort would patiently explain why my special part was bogus. That was sometime hard to take. However, as often as not we'd find a real V-8 goodie and Mort would get more excited than we were, he'd tell the others "you ought to see what he found and he stole it for five bucks!" Of course this was just the absolute ultimate experience for someone like me; he would really make my day. A single "atta boy" from Mort Burton would make the whole trip worthwhile. To a V-8 guy, being with Mort was just golden time. Many of us, I know, always would think of Mort when they thought about Hershey. Mort, I know you're up there. Once again, thanks for your hospitality, your knowledge and your friendship; you sure made us happy, especially me, while you were here.” – Past National President Ralph Hubbard, California

“Mort Burton was not only my dear friend, but also a person that is what this hobby is about. Countless times he would counsel me on what was correct and what was counterfeit. His knowledge about parts was unmatched. It was a pleasure to listen to Mort share his adventures and travels looking as he would say “ For the GOLD”! Many times I would go with Mort to a swap meet with what I would consider enough cash, only to “Find the GOLD” the first couple of hours. Mort with say, “Do you have enough money” and then hand me another thousand or so to get me through the rest of the meet. This hobby is better because of Mort Burton and my life is better because of Mort Burton and people like him in this great hobby. Mort will always have a special place in my heart and he will always be in my prayers.  God Bless You Mort Burton!” - Frank Bruch, Washington

 If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Early Ford V8 Foundation, on behalf of Mort Burton, please read:

"Friends of Mort"  

There is a major fund raising effort underway in remembrance of the late Mort Burton of Ohio. Headed by the "Friends of Mort," a group of prominent V-8ers, the hope is that sufficient monies will be raised to fund one or more of the following projects:


MEMORIAL PATIO: Construct a patio in front of the Phase II building to utilize the existing (200+) and future memorial bricks, and a flagpole. Bricks will be placed in sand so they can be moved to the Phase I building when constructed. Estimated cost: $4-$5,000.
Heading the fund raising effort is Frank Bruch, former Foundation Trustee and friend of Mort. Frank led a "Remembrance of Mort" at the Burton Auto Parts space at Hershey 2012 and kicked off the fund raising effort.
If you would like to help, please send your check payable to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation to: JERRY WINDLE, 4935 E. Mt. View Dr., San Diego, CA 92116. Monetary donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and you will receive a Recognition letter acknowledging your contribution.

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